Update 8th September

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Update 8th September

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We've had the test shard up for roughly a month now - we're gradually working through the issues. Nearly everything from the 'planned feature' list is in and working, and we're mostly down to just ironing out bugs. Work on Fatal's proposed faction system is just starting.

We're looking for more testers now. In just 2 hours or so of champ spawning we found major issues and inaccuracies with the RunUO code, all of which have required significant 'coding time' to put right. So over the next 2-3 months we want to get everything tested as vigorously as possible. If you're interested in getting involved, register here and post, or get on quakenet IRC, #infernal_covenant. (http://webchat.quakenet.org/)

This server/shard really will happen if we get the interest from the 'community'. That's all it comes down to.

Finances aren't an issue, with or without donations, and there is a group of us committed to the success of this project in the long-term. It's not going to be another short-lived Legacy 25.

We're hoping to see interest from old Europa/Drachenfels friends and enemies once we get word out there, and obviously there's the potential to attract anyone that liked AOS+ PvP from any shard or era 2003-2011. That's a big potential player base. When you think there's 3 't2a' shards out there that are attracting roughly 2000 players at peak between them - from an OSI era that only lasted a year - a properly done AOS shard has at least equal potential from an era that is now 8 years old. It's just about getting the word out there. A webpage and hopefully some banners for advertising will be forthcoming in the next month.

Anyway, to recap: We're building an Age of Shadows UO shard. Felucca only, focusing on community, player conflict and player justice. The original goals of UO, in an AOS setting. We feel the AOS ruleset is uniquely well suited to this. I'll explain why in a future post.

To keep this as short as possible, here's the current list of features that are in and working now on our test shard:
Calix wrote:
Felucca only(including LL) AoS based shard.

2 accounts per IP, 1 character per account limit

No post AoS(SE onwards) monsters, graphics or skills

6 Starting templates:
Necromancer: 70 Str/Dex/Int. 75 Necromancy, SS, Magery, Anatomy
Warrior: 70 Str/Dex/Int. 75 Fencing, 75 Healing, Anatomy, Tactics
Mage: 70 Str/Dex/Int. 75 Magery, Eval, Resist, Meditation
Paladin: 70 Str/Dex/Int. 75 Swords, Chivalry, Anatomy, Tactics
Blacksmith: 70 Str/Dex/Int. 50 Blacksmithing, Tailoring, Mining, Tinkering
Advanced: 70 Str/Dex/Int. 2x skills of choice @ 50

All characters start with 2000 gold, a full magery spellbook and 200 bandages. Necromancers start with an additional 100 necro reagents and a necromancer spellbook. Paladins start with an additional (full) chivalry spell book.

Veteran reward system

Treasure Maps & Dungeon Treasure chests have improved loot and a chance of dropping rares that are unobtainable elsewhere. Invisibility and Teleport jewelry

Daily spawning rares system improved and expanded, including server birth rares

New secret locations and places of interest

Dungeons spawns improved. Some unnecessary spawns removed, and certain Doom monsters now spawn in certain Felucca dungeons. Dark Fathers drop artifacts as per OSI, Impalers, Flesh Renderers, Bone Demon's and Shadow Knights all drop rare and valuable items, including Valorite Hammers and BRSKs

Other traditional Felucca monsters have improved loot, and also offer the chance of rare items, including minor artifacts. Liches, Lich Lords, Daemons, Ice Fiends, Dread Spiders, Elder Gazers, Ogre Lords, Ancient Wyrm and Balron

Certain monsters/creatures removed. All varieties of Beetles, Solen, Fire Steeds. Anything not in keeping with UO

Certain Doom, Reward, and Minor artifacts modified, nearly all have had their garish hue/colour removed
Those modified: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=4849

PvP mechanics:
Mostly as per P25(http://web.archive.org/web/200510232227 ... n_502.html), but all listed here:

LMC reduction for special moves tied to certain 'dexxer' skills - For details see: viewtopic.php?f=11&t=4847

Champion spawns functioning as per OSI, reduced chance of 120 scrolls

No powder of fortification/translocation or bags of sending

No repair deeds

No private housing

Custom housing allowed, no post SE graphics or tiles

Housing Decay timer set to 14 days

Durability on items limited to 100

Chance to lose durability on repair greatly affected by repairing crafter relevant skill

Increased skill-gain in Dungeons - To encourage interaction and actual 'play' rather than macroing in houses

Anti-Macro code removed for all but a few skills - Skills can still be macroed if desired. Taming, Lockpicking, and a number of other powerful skills still have the anti-macro code in place.

Town Houses System. Certain NPC town buildings made available for hire/buy by players. Anyone with 100 Blacksmithing can buy forges in towns, for example.

In addition to these, currently being worked on:

Runic Tinker and Fletcher tools, for craftable bows/jewelry.

Improved factions system.

Virtue system.

Crafter rewards/system.

Stealable 'Doom' Artifacts system in Felucca

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