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Oz / Ingo

Posted: Sat May 05, 2012 7:10 pm
by Calix
We a mong. Remember a few months ago we came to the conclusion that we couldn't alter the cast times/mana costs of magery spells, because they were tied to a circle and would therefore change the values for all spells in that circle? Because of that we changed the effect duration on a few spells (pfield) because that was the only way we saw to nerf them. It's one of the first things we looked at so no surprise we couldn't work it out I guess.

Anyway, I just remembered that Arch Cure was changed down a circle in p25. Quick look in the code... :

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// Archcure is now 1/4th of a second faster
		public override TimeSpan CastDelayBase{ get{ return base.CastDelayBase - TimeSpan.FromSeconds( 0.25 ); } }