Final runic system idea...

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Final runic system idea...

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This is an attempt to find a middle ground between a working system without BOD bullshit, and something that's not too much effort to code.

Runics become purchasable from NPC vendors. For varying prices.

Either they are only PURCHASABLE by crafters of adequate skill level, or only USABLE by the same. I'm not sure which is better, or more importantly, easier to code.

They are scaled (pricewise) in a way to make even lower-end runics worthwhile for higher level crafters. I've already improved the loot from lower end runics - if we make them much much cheaper than the higher end runics, the good item v cost ratio should make say Golden Hammers sometimes a more effective solution than a Valorite one. Obviously if you were looking to make a super item rather than get better value for money, you'd want the higher end.

So say something like this(Using Smithing as the example, as usual):

Bottom tier runics, Dull Copper, etc = 100-200k ea. 80 Smithing/Arms Lore needed to purchase and/or use.
Middle tier runics, Agapite, etc = 500k-750k ea. 100 Smithing/Arms Lore needed to purchase and/or use.
Top tier runics, Verite, etc = 1.5-2mill ea. 120 Smithing/100 Arms Lore needed to purchase and or/use.

Obviously I'll need to explain in more detail - but any thoughts?

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