Crafting system summary (as implemented)

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Crafting system summary (as implemented)

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Quick summary, I'll re-write at some point:

Crafting in AOS is a strange mix. On the one hand, you have the excitement of runic tools and the varied items they create. On the other hand you have a class that is made completely useless without certain items - and even worse, those certain items are awarded in a method that many found distasteful, and something we have decided is detrimental to the play experience of all players on the shard, not just the crafters themselves.

So how will we work it on Redux?

The first small change is that now the Arms Lore skill will be almost a necessity for crafters wishing to repair weapons and armour. The chance to lose maximum durability whilst repairing an item is greatly reduced for characters with the Arms Lore skill. Obviously the higher the skill level the better.

Secondly, powder of fortification and repair deeds will not exist on Redux. This, combined with the 2 character-per-player rule, is intended to return crafting to the heart of the shard community, like pre-UO:R. Craftsmen again become an essential friend to have. In theory, the trusted Smith at Britain forge makes a return.

Thirdly, runic fletching and tinkering kits have been included. These work differently than in post-ML OSI rulesets, and will be fully explained on their own pages.

Lastly and most importantly, runic tools, the item that adds the excitement to crafting in the post AOS world, become a purchasable commodity as opposed to a reward for pointless activity (Bulk Order Deeds), as on OSI. This means crafters can stick to the important tasks - creating items, repairing, harvesting - and hopefully, building their reputations. As opposed to spending the majority of their playtime completing pointless BODs and not interacting with the rest of the community. The relevant NPC crafters now sell the runic tools.

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