15.12.2007 Felucca Pretty Empty

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15.12.2007 Felucca Pretty Empty

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Running around finding people to kill..... not bothering with Yew as it is full of house runners, GZ runners.

Thinking that I'll find a spawn being done and raid it solo. After gone through all dungeon spawns I find at the totally last champ spawn a PVP! member doing Rikktor Spawn at Oasis.


Running around seeing if there was anyone else.. seems was just him, on the way out through Yew Portal I meet a PVP! Archer.. well redlining him nonstop he runs to serverline, then runs again to serverline then runs to T2A to south from Light house... starts to trash talk when I decide to Disarm him because of his bushido strike.. he starts to trash talk then

"bull shit" "pussy shit" etc.

Then I notice he does that bushido heal thing.... so I start to chain mortal instead.
Ends up to this kind of running:

Well not bothering anymore to follow a runner who will run all the way to Fire or Papua or even to Delucia O.o
I decide to stop.

When I stop I see him running on foot towards me ready to dismount me, well what do I do? I disarm him and kill him. This time he cant run anywhere ^^;

Then later I cant find anyone to kill O.o everyone must be sleeping!
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