9.1.2008 Solo run

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9.1.2008 Solo run

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Deciding to do a small solo run and see if any activity... going through dungeons and finding nothing... until I come to Marble spawn and see someone attacking wraiths/ghouls etc. there... well I kill her :roll:

Found a Magical Short bow too on the corpse:

Hit Lower Defence 44%
Hit Life Leech 33%
Hit Chance Increase 12%
Defence Chance Increase 13%
Swing Speed Increase 10%


On the way away from marble I saw Swordfish from DSoU run past me.... wierdly didnt stop and fight.. when I got out from GZ, either he ran very fast or then he hid somewhere

I think for myself "Ah well... I cant bother with runners anyway" and stepping out from the door of Marble, seeing Ratten Rudi recalling in... well I wont attack him in GZ, but funnily enough he attacks me, so I start to kill him... well except that he kept running a lot and I got this wierd freezing lag now and then...

Later comes another of his friends recalling in and attacking me

of course I kill the player...

But after Ratten Rudi ressing the dismount archer... I couldnt bother anymore, it is Ratten Rudi that should be dismounted, not me. :roll:
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