Short term broadband?

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Short term broadband?

Post by Calix »

Anyone got any recent experience of 1-6 month broadband contracts(in the UK obviously) and what the best deals are?

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Re: Short term broadband?

Post by Ingo »

Diamond supra tbh. Just pay for phone calls.
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Re: Short term broadband?

Post by Fatalist »

Think BE Broadband do short contracts
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Re: Short term broadband?

Post by Superfast Oz »

Lots of free WiFi in talinn..

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Re: Short term broadband?

Post by Villa »

Seriously, look out for open wifi connections - there must be some if you are now in a block of flats?
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Re: Short term broadband?

Post by Belgarion »

Funny you should mention that, cause it seems that no matter where i go (here in Norway, where there are 3 people per square mile) that i cannot seem to find "free" wi-fi anywhere.
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Re: Short term broadband?

Post by Laz »

Right this moment I have hijacked one of my neighbours Wifi as my own connection is down.
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