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Post by Tetravus »


I signed up a while ago, but have been to busy to come and say hello. So I thought I'd take the time to come say Hello.

I found out about the UO shard from Reddit, I have gone online a few times and have placed a house to the east of the starting town. I used to play on the OSI server Catskills, my main character was a blacksmith named Flint. Even as newer MMO's have been released, they never had the same fun that UO offered.

I also play League of Legends and have pre purchased Guild Wars 2.

Nice to meet everyone


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Re: Hello

Post by Night »

Hail Tetravus and welcome to the boards :)

You won't be short of uo addicts for company here ! I'm sure many of us will be in GW2 also.

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Re: Hello

Post by Calix »

Hi Tetravus, we met in game I think. We moved the shard message boards to here http://aosredux.net/boards/ Your login for these boards will still work. You're more than welcome to post here too of course, but there's more relevant stuff over that way.

Glad you've stuck around.

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Re: Hello

Post by Fatalist »

Thanks for joining us!
Down with Scotland

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Re: Hello

Post by Villa »

*puts on the percolator*

or perkele perkeletor when in Helsinki.
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